July 13, 2012

Well Fans of the loose knit group often referred as the jug band has for the first time come up with a name that sticks, for this summer anyway------Lupe Balazos! fun name eh?

The current line up of the salida jug band is:

Terri Dunn; percussion, harmonizer.

Mark kneeskern; washtub bass, harmonizer.

Steve Smalzel; banjo, guitar, co front man.

Greg Walter. Guitar, co front man.

We all take turns playing the myriad of fun instruments that make up a jug band.

We have a busy 2nd half of july so here is our current music schedule.

Saturday 7/14 @ 6:00 pm; Moonlight Pizza.

Sunday 7/15 @ 4:00 pm; york park @ the new Sherman hotel

This is a all day concert to serve as a fund raiser for C-Springs fire victims

Tuesday 7/17 6:00 pm; Lobster fest A Vino Salida Production

Thursday 7/26 7:30 pm; Deer Hammer Distillery Buena Vista.

Saturday 7/28 8:00 pm; Currents restaurant. Salida co.

Wow. I think that does it.

Hope to see you at one of these fun events.

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