June 21, 2012

Lupe Balazos---Salidas own unofficial jug band!!

hey folks. here's a u-tube of our last performance. as you all know we will be on the streets for art walk playing in one or another of the several good sounding alcoves about town. also.....we will be @ currents on thursday june 28th for a Deer Hammer distillery party. booze and jug band music----hmm....sounds about right! any who, we will be bringing a whole slew of new and original music [as we have actually been practice-sin] plus the old stand by's we all have come to know oh so well. we'ed love to have your support so be squares and be there, else who knows you might find us playing on your front porch!!!!!!!!!!!    you might actually see us playing a jug.
Why, you ask???? cause its fun!!

1 comment:

  1. That was AWESOME! Makes me miss you and Salida. Much Love and Hugs to you all - Lorrie :)