August 13, 2010

A tale of more Ferry's, And a Brewery

8/11-8/13/10 Bellingham

Card board art

Just chillin on shamu G/ with our hosts
Charlie Teri and Shamu

Just chillin. Our hosts Teri and Charlie have been very gracious and hospitable. We have our own bed and bath and since Charlie’s retired and Teri’s on sabbatical they have been able to give us a grand tour of what seems to be a very nice town. Victorian and craftsmen style architecture abound and the weather is once again just perfect. Gardens/Greenery/apple trees/blackberry bushes EVERYWHERE!! The envy, no doubt of us Colorado folks! & WATER!!!!!! The view from Teri and Charlies is also envious…of Bellingham Bay! The other lovely thing is hearing sounds you don’t normally hear where we live….ferry horns, train whistles and sea gulls! LOVE IT! It looks as though we may stay here through Sunday the 15th as a friend of Charlies is going to look into taking us sailing on Sunday. Cross your fingers. Or I’ll at least cross mine. Just can’t be around all this water and deny an overwhelming desire to get intimate with it. Tomorrow, Saturday, We hope to get in a kayak. We’ll see.!!

Groovy art car. Eat your heart out Steve
8/9/10 T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Grooviness factor 1-5] is a 4 . T&GBAD [Difficulty factor 1-5] is a 1 Mileage for the day----28.5, Max speed---???. Taswasswen to Victoria via a 2 hr ferry ride back from the main land to Vancouver Island.

You can’t be in a hurry when Island living. Especially when you are dependent on ferries. That might explain why every one in western BC is so mellow. , and so liberal. Vancouver Island to me seems to be very sustainable. They provide almost all their own meats, dairy, produce etc.. as well as the arts, crafts, and trades. Everyone that we have talked to loves our President Obama. They are mostly glad to see the Bush Dynasty….OUT TA THERE!!!!!……

Charlies Stained glass

Any hoo Our ride back to Victoria was the same ride we did 2 weeks earlier only backwards. A beautiful 20 mile spin thru farm land (cute PIGS wallowing in the mud,too), and ritzy neighborhoods all on a well laid out bike path that eventually leads you into downtown Victoria.

The bike trail into victoria
Our host in Victoria Mike and his home
Daphne, Mike's Wife
Our new friends Mike and his wife Daphne live only a few blocks away from the youth hostel we had stayed at earlier and a short walk to downtown Victoria. Which was nice cause we already knew the lay of the land. One of the best parts about our connection with Mike & Daphne is that they knew where the Micro Brew Pub was!! YEA! Swans!. Home of a beautifully crafted 8% Scotch ale and IPA. Delish! Perfecto! So after an evening of brew snobbing (some live music), a great breakfast, a walk about, we ended up in the brewery again where it was 4 dollar pint Tuesdays featuring the 8% Scotch Ale., And that nearly made us late for the three hour evening ferry to Bellingham including an all you can eat Salmon buffet as you ferry through the San Juan Islands. Not a bad way to get to the States. Oh and did I mention that we still had a bunch of Canadian loonies and toonies (I think we need to give nick names to our coins too…maybe we could “coin” the quarter “the GEORGIE”??) to unload that resulted in buying a few rounds of gin and tonics. We arrive in Bellingham at 8:pm and our friends Charlie and Teri meet us with only a short walk to their home, over looking the Bay, where we will lick our wounds, rub the mule down, do our laundry and just chill for a few days. And maybe, just maybe get on the water.

Charlie And Teri's Home

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