August 14, 2010

The Riviera of British Columbia. The wrap up!

8/14/10 Belling ham The B.C. wrap up.

The locals around here call this whole area the Riviera of Canada/U.S. And it really does have that kind of atmosphere. We love it but were told as sun lovers that we probably wouldn’t like the winters. I Trust em. All and all this whole north west experience has been more than we expected. I mean, it has far exceeded our expectations. If we even had any.

The overall grooviness factor was certainly at the top of the scale. Great food, fresh produce, lots of recreational opportunity, water and mountains. Yea pretty groovy. The difficulty matched the grooviness factor; steep short climbs with steep short descents. Lots of shifting and no real breaks. Having said that there certainly were some great spin days. But basically we are carrying too much weight. So with regret we are sending the instruments home, as well as our extra tarp and a few other items.

Terri and I would love to come back up here and spend more time and do some serious water exploring.

Here is a little story I’ve been wanting to tell since we left Parkville before getting to the sunshine coast…..When we were camping at the Parkville campground a fellow tourer camped near us, who had come from whence we were headed, and looking at our rig I suppose he deemed us inexperienced novice tourers or something. Maybe he had a point! So he proceeded to tell us how experienced he was and that he carried tools for every occasion etc.etc… Just as I was getting my tools out to tune up the shifting on the Mule. In the mean time he began to tell us how brutal the hills were on the Sunshine coast and that he encountered hills that were more than 14% grade and proceeded to question our ability to conquer them. We assured him that our Mule was of the mountain breed and after I got my tools out and started working on the rear derailer he excused himself and walked away. I waited to tell this story until after we rode those monstrous grades so as not to jinx myself but having been there I assure you that though the hills are steep and the riding hard, there are no 14% grades on the sunshine coast road. If you want long and steep I mean very steep I would recommend riding in the Gila mountains north of Silver City New Mexico! Those are the steepest, Longest grades I / we have ever encountered. Wouldn’t you say Steve.?

Total miles for the B.C. Loop starting in Sequim WA.--- 351. Time spent in B.C. 2 weeks. Avg. miles per day--- 25.
A Fun Guy
Victoria Street Sculpture
Leaving Victoria
light house in the san Juan Islands
Gin and Tonic
In the fish bowl. Literally
the man with over 600 kites. 65 are up now.
Happy as pigs in s!@#t on the bike path to Victoria
Market in China Town
Finnally real beer. Terri quafing a scotch ail. We allmost miss the ferry.
T & G Leaving B.C.
The San Juan Islands
Local wild life....we didnt see any Orcas.

Charlies Art.

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  1. Yup, no doubt that the Gila hills were brutal! I'm glad to see you two found a nice scotch ale - that'll usually cure whatever "ails" ya!

    Peace, Crosby!