August 6, 2010

Heading North to San-Diego???

Old growth duglass fir with my wife and the mule

Greg entered a logging competition!!

Well i am Still trying to figure out the best way to load this blog and it's been a pain in the arse.
8/6/10 T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Grooviness factor 1-5] is a 4 [because of the ferry rides, the misty mountain hop, to quote our favorite band; and the road. T&GBAD [Difficulty factor 1-5] is a 3-4. Milage for the day----34.29, Max speed---36.5. Comox. Airforce campground (TeePee Park) to Mediera Bay on the Sunshine coast.

I don’t know if you are all aware but apparently BC is having one of its driest summers ever and there are a lot of forest fires around here. Consequently the sky has had this overcast foggy look to it but it is all smoke. Otherwise the weather has been perfect. What would be bluebird days, and no wind, bordering on almost too hot and muggy but not quite . Therefore the views which are cool are hazy and barely in view.

Todays ride was another picture perfect idealic road riders dream. We are on the so called sunshine coast and have therefore entererd into to the coastal mountain range so the road is hilly. Were back in the mountains. On the coast.

The climbs are chlanging but not menacing and the downhils curvy and swift and fortunately very little trafic [knock on wood} as the shoulders are almost non-existant. The trafic flows with the ferries. Of wich we rode two for a total of 2.5 hours. Nice. Any hoo the trafic is almost nill untill one of those ferries dock and then woosh; a but load of traffic comes all at once and then; the sound of the rubber on the road and meditation of your breath. Perfect. This whole area is definatly the Aspen of bc or maybe of Canada for that matter. So the realestate is $$$$$ and so is everything else. But it definatly is beautifull country and would be great to explorer further , especially by boat or kayak.

8/4/10 TGBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Grooviness factor 1-5] is a 3 T&GBAD [Difficulty factor 1-5] is a 2. Milage for the day----57.32, Max speed---33.5. Parksville [Rathtrever beach Provincial Park] to Comox.

We have now reached the northern most part of our trip. Todays riding was DREAMY. Slow easy climbs, Long big gear descents. The road followed closely to the shore and passed thru many quite, beachside communities. Little traffic, nice shoulder. Exactly what you want in a road ride. Today was a bench mark in a few ways. 1] we broke our 30 mile barrior. 2] We finally found a bike shop that was open and was able to check the pressure in our tires. Well, after coming from 7000 ft with full pressure and dropping down to sea level we lost ½ of our tire pressure. So now at the end of todays ride we have full pressure. Golly gee what a difference. I have a feeling our mile per hour average is going to go up. And the last 10 miles no longer felt like we were riding in sand, and the bike handled so much better. What a dumb ass. Anyway the difference made the bike feel so much lighter and for that I am grateful.

So, to recap today’s ride. Todays ride was one for the sprinters. With lots of small town sprints all the big sprinters occupied the front of the peloton for most the ride. With only one category 1 climb at the end of the day the peloton was able to stay together for the duration. For all the GC riders, today was mostly a rest days, staying near the end of the pack and out of harms way.

8/2-8/3/10 T&GAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Grooviness factor 1-5] is a 2 T&GBAD [Difficulty factor 1-5] is a 3. Milage for the day----29.6, Max speed---33. Nanaimo to Parksville [Rathtrever beach Provincial Park]

Not much to say about this ride. We had a nice casual first 10 miles out Nanaimo on a bike path. The next 10 on the shoulder of a 4 laner. Not so bad untill the last couple of miles up a slow busy climb. There are two things that really piss me off. R.Vers who are afraid of the middle of the road so therefore give no quarter. The other; loud motorcycles.!@#$%^&*!@#$%. how can riding with that sound do anything but make you mad or crazy.! I mean, what is the point. O.K O.K. I feel better now. Not better than James brown. Just better. The park is a big family destination because the tidal flats go out for 100’s of yards where the water is shallow and warm. But also because they show kidie movies in a little apmhitheter. We couldn’t figure out what all the comotion was about . So after a little investigation we found the outdoor theater and was entertained by??? [Whose my hero----BOLT’S my hero??] cute. Parksville by the way, is a one bar town!

We have met some real nice folks here.

The Star of today. the Sun

Where the f!@#$%^&* our we

I think we finnaly figured it out. South to San Diego!!

the mule takes a ride on the ferrie....can you see it??

Look honey

Misty Mountain Hop

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