August 1, 2010

The Art of Coffee while resting in Nainamo


Chemanius to Nanaimo---Nicol St. Hostel T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Grooviness factor 1-5] is a 2 T&GBAD [Difficulty factor 1-5] is a 3. Milage for the day----30, Max speed---27.

Adding coffee
Ok. For me, on this day the honey moon was over. In Chemanius we stayed in an old hotel on the historic registry where the best feature was that they had a shower. The kind where the water goes from warm, to cold, to scalding and back again. For the rest of the day and I Think for the rest of our time in B.C. we will be riding on busy highways and two lane roads. However the scenery is awesome, the drivers polite, and temperature and weather perfect. Since we really didn’t have time to “train” and are “coming off the couch” 20-30 miles seems to be all we can manage. Good thing we budgeted three months for the trip. Terri has asked me to define what I meant by the honeymoon being over. Well, getting used to riding in traffic with all the weight in first gear trying to keep the bike straight, while a semi-or large truck is passing is -----a bit unnerving and requires all my concentration. This makes it hard to enjoy the scenery. But this has come after 5 days riding in a row which brings us to our next chapter.

7/31/---8/2 2 full rest days at the hostel in Nanaimo. T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Grooviness factor 1-5] is a 2 T&GBAD [Difficulty factor 1-5] is a 1. Milage for the day----to be determined, Max speed---not yet achieved.

This hostel is pretty cool. Overlooking the water it has terraced garden steps and on the lowest step is a place to tent which we are doing. Yesterday, Saturday, we met a fisherman who was an avid cyclist and so gave us two filets of fresh caught salmon for our dinner last night and tonight .[Thanks] Of which we grilled.

honey in my coffee
le creme
So - since we don’t have much to share for the last two days we are going to discuss the art of our camp coffee. Terri loves her coffee. I know what she likes. She likes it strong, with honey and cream. Whipping cream is best. So when packing the kitchen; coffee or the making thereof is of great importance. Do we bring the Bialetti? Or perhaps a press. The problem with these two options is that they only serve one purpose. Coffee. What we chose is a simple camp pot. One that we can boil water in, cook pasta and rice and make COFFEE!! A technique that we perfected up at the land years ago that we call the Cowboy Press or Spin. The process is as follows. Water. Enough for two large travel cups. Four heaping tablespoons of the coffee of choice. In this case; Strong, robust and dark. Bring to just under a boil and let stand for a couple of minutes. Time enough for say; a sun salutation. And for the true art-----The spin!!! Place lid on pot, find an area outside with plenty of room and no small children. And spin the coffee over head allowing centrificle force to pack the grounds to the bottom and side of the pot. I prefer 5 spins. Bring the pot to a carefully executed stop so as not to disturb the grounds and pour. Ahh, A strong cup of perfectly brewed coffee with no grounds. Perfectamo. And now I am beginning to feel the presence of a much needed bowl movement!

Ahhhhh…change of scenary is good for the body , mind &; soul!! My skin and hair LOVE the humid sea air….my mind is

the Swing
Seeing something new and wholly appreciating it!!….and my soul is loving and soaking up the adventure of it all. Greg and I were talking about what to look for in the adventure of it all and we’ve come to the conclusion that wherever there is SOUL that’s where we will put our energies. It seems that the Americanization, californication , mcdonaldization , walmart nation has sucked the soul out of everything. So when you find it -----Savor! So far Salida rates quite high in SOUL……savor. Therein lies the GROOVINESS FACTOR!! Yeah,baby!!

Le Pour



  1. Coffee, bowel movements, and Soul ... it would appear that you are clearly on the path! My thoughts are with you both and, frankly, I miss you two!

  2. My god, that Coffee could dissolve metal. Let me know where you are and I will fed ex some Starbucks to you! Have safe travels and by the way, what do you both talk about when you are on the bike together, or are you both connected to your own IPODS? Best, John Cooney

  3. the stronger the better from cafe dawn...we need more blogness from you bloggers about the blog is going your messages and very good to hear from you bloggers.