July 14, 2010

Vancouver-San Diego on a Tandem Gettin Started

So---This is why I started this Blog. Several years ago, or should I say five homes ago; with the profit from selling our first spec. Strawbale home; I took the profits and did two things. I paid off the Four Runner and I bought a custom, titanium, BLACKSHEEP tandem bicycle. A divorce bike some call em. A Mariage maker I say. To each his own. The intent of owning this bike was to Tour. Since owning it' we have done a few small tours: Two Ride the Rockies, the Katy Trail, a self support Colorado tour---Salida to Salida via Aspen - Crested Butte and Gunnison. But, what we really want to do is tour BIG. You know. Cover some ground, get down with it.
Were self - employed. What that means is; you make hay while the sun is a shine-en. For us the sun just kept on a shine-ing and as the saying goes "don't look a gift horse in the mouth". Well---like everybody else the sun ain't shine-en to brightly, and the gift horse closed his mouth, but, another one opened and I'm about to get a sun burn. Sooo--Rather than sit around and worry about work, me and the miss-es are headin out the door. Gotta take you retirements as they come.
The hardest part is just gettin out the door. Literally. We plan to leave July 22nd and be on the road for at least 3 months, and to do that and keep the rest of your life goin....well lets just say I probably got 3 months just in preparing for the ride. But now were close. I can feel it. Butterflies, oh shit, lets get the f---- out of Dodge!!
So the plan is to get a ride from some friends who's parents live in the northern-most part of the Olympic Peninsula. From there either a sail-boat or ferry ride to Victoria B.C. and ride Clock ways up and over to vancouver and from there on out ??? For a guide we are using the {Bicycling the Pacific Coast by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall. Otherwise with the time we have allotted to the tour, well------?.
This photo is the trial run with using the rain fly. It's an old pup tent. The photo is on our land.

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