July 30, 2010

Two days two ferry's and a few miles


ruckle provincial park on salt spring island
McDonald Camp Ground to Ruckle Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island. T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Groviness factor 1-5] is a 5 T&GBAD [Dificulty factor 1-5] is a 5. Milage for the day----12, It was supposed to be a rest day. Total-----68, max speed 28. Today, via the B.C. Ferry’s, brought us into the “Gulf Islands” Which is really all part of the same Island chain that makes up the San Juan Islands only were in Canada, where the only language barrior is Liters, Celsius and Kilometers. We landed in Fuford Harbor witch was very Bohemic. Thus part of the grooviness factor. But the ride to the CampGround was, well brutal. Fortunately we picked up a six pack of beer for this asssault on a very hilly Island. All I can say is it’s a good thing we have mountain bike gears that are geared for Colorado Mountains. At one point we were going 2.8 miles per hour!!!

salt spring winery [for flynn]
The Scenery however is Stunning. Beautiful small farms, Luscious forests, Sweeping views of the islands and inland lakes. We really dug this place. Our campsite was a “walk in”. meaning you literally walk into the Camp and you camped right on a rocky bluff right up to the waters edge…. Did I already use the word Stunning. O.K. O.K. I know its early in the trip and hopefully I don’t run out of superlatives!! Did I use that word right??? We did phone shots with Kevin, thanks to the Margesons.


Ruckle Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island to Chemanius. T&GBAG - 3, T&GBAD-4. Milage--24, total 92, Max speed--38.

The weather so far has been perfect. Making us wonder why we brought all the x-tra gear. Blue sky’s, no wind.

salt spring bakery stand [honor system] there were lots of these....COOL.
Today ride involved more climbing into busier roads with less shoulder. But I will say, so far, B.C. drivers are very polite. A refreshing change from Colorado where the sport is--how close to the rider can you get your mirror before actually hitting them. I think we are done with the hills for a while. We’ll see. Now we ride north to ??? Where ever we decide is where.


Victoria to McDonald camp ground just north of Sydney B.C. T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Groviness factor 1-5] is a 3 T&GBAD [Dificulty factor 1-5] is a 1 Not so difficult. Milage today 23.5 total 56 miles??

Although we were a bit creeped out by the Turtle Inn in Victoria we ended up having a good night sleep even though we shared a twin bed. The place was clean and would suffice for the price. The best part is that it was located across the street from a bakery / cafĂ© called Wildfire Organic Bakery. It was family owned and operated in the artisan tradition. Supporting local farms and the breads, pastries and other goodies all baked in large wood fired brick ovens. …..What a treat.
ferry ride

turtle hostel victoria
wood fired bread oven
Our ride out of Victoria was a treat. All bike paths for 20 miles to McDonald campground. The trail rolled mostly flat through nice neighbor hoods , small farms with occasional glimpses of the Straight of Georgia. This is was our first night to camp and not with out a slight and near disastrous outcome. Those damn MSR wisperlight stoves. Before leaving a ran the stove which is 20 years old for a test drive at home and it tested out fine. Well it seems as though the gasket dried out and cracked and after I pressurized the stove I didn’t notice the fuel leaking out of the bottle. When I lit the stove the picnic table, and fuel bottle cought fire. Trying to remain calm I commented to Terri :”We got a problem here” Fortunately none of the fuel had gone to the ground and so we avoided starting a forest fire. Whew! After 3 days of riding, all pristine our next ride is 64 miles and since we did not have a chance to train for this ride today is a rest day,. Some guitar, Violin, a casual ride back to Sydney [2 miles] and than a 5 mile trek to a better campground. Next ride is Salt Spring Island to Rathtrover Beach Provincial Park---64 miles our first big day with the land yacht. So far weve riden 40 miles on nice bicycle trails. But not tomorrow.!

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  1. You two are having a major adventure,thanks for sharing it with us!It must take some kind of patience to put it all together.Be safe and keep on truckin. Yogi and Bets