July 26, 2010

A car, friends, a bike and a rack.

Finally were on the road. Not the bicycle road. The petrol road to Sequim on the northern most tip of the Olympic Peninsula. that’s where were going to put the bike together ,load it up, and head for Port Angeles, Wa. From there we will take a ferry to Victoria B.C. and then???. But now I am getting ahead of myself.

Our arrival to Sequim is being facilitated by the kind intentions of our friends Steve and Nancy in Salida. Steves parents live in Sequim so months ago when we began to realize this trip, we mentioned to Steve and Nancy our intentions and they responded with a resounding---- we would love to take you to Sequim…..SWEET! And Thanks.

About our gear and bike.

The bike is a titanium tandem with s&s couplers so that it can break down into suitcases for air travel. It takes 700c wheels and if needed would easily accept 29 / 3” tires if we ever needed to do some serious off roading. Fully built with racks , fenders and water cages the bike weighs 55 lbs. Our gear weighs approximately 80 lbs. not including the bob trailer which we are dragging along to carry a guitar, violin and rhythm instruments.

Here is a list of our gear and equipment

Tools; a tool to turn every nut and bolt on the bike including; chain, spoke.

Spare spokes

Spair chain pieces

Swalbe marathon plus at 42c tires [bomb proof]

Front and rear racks,

Front and rear fenders

4 water bottle cages

2 coffee cup holders on the handle bars---sweet!

Front paniers regular, med. Size. For kitchen and food

Rear paniers; xtra large ???????


Small fly----old pup tent

¾ “ lg. sleeping pads w/chairs

Sleeping bags

Appropriate clothing

Small net book

Bob trailer small travel fender guitar

Old Chinese violin built in 1880’s and handed down to me through my mother from my great uncle. [jazz man in K.C. back in the day]

Various rhythm instruments.

The Pacific coast ride is approx. 1800 miles. Averaging 50 miles a day a person could take 40 days . We have 3 months

budgeted so we plan to take a leisurely tour. So if you have any suggestion we would love to here them.


On our way to the N.West we spent the night in Yakima Wa. Fairly uneventful except for one thing. When we were leaving the next morning coffee was the order of the day, so that’s what we were looking for. What we found was a kiosk right down town called Dreamgirls Xpresso. Obviously we should have got a clue but us Coloradoans I suppose we must be a bit nieve. So Imagine driving up to this thing with my wife, Nancy, [our ride] and myself and being greeted by a girl dressed in nothing but lingerie. When she asked what it was we wanted all three of us just sat there jaws dropped and speechless. Several seconds must have passed by before Terri was first to spit out that we wanted a couple of latte’s. Wow. Starbucks must have really put the pressure on the small time coffee places.

So far the weather out here has been Blue bird. And the view of the big peaks is stunning. Though I have been to Seattle a couple of times I never saw Mount Baker or Rainier. Needless to say----Impressive.


All right!! We’re at our “beginning” Sequim Wa. Were stayin at the parents [Bill and Ella] of the folks that drove us out here. Fascinating family. Stories of the great depression, dust bowl, and one of the family was ”Bull Durham” of early 1900’s baseball fame. Bill is in his 80’s , is a wood carver, and as he puts it ‘if your gonna retire you got to have something to do. I’ve had friends who retired with nothing to do but sit around and watch T.V. and they're dead with in two years” Hear that…..! Today we test drove the Tandem and worked out the travel kinks on a 21 mile lap around the coast  of Sequim. Beautiful riding with quiet neighborhoods, laverndar fields, lots of apple trees, a few vineyards and country roads that wind and wend their way through. Tomorrow---- a light day to Port Angeles and then a Ferry to Victoria B.C…. see you then.

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