July 30, 2010

Two days two ferry's and a few miles


ruckle provincial park on salt spring island
McDonald Camp Ground to Ruckle Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island. T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Groviness factor 1-5] is a 5 T&GBAD [Dificulty factor 1-5] is a 5. Milage for the day----12, It was supposed to be a rest day. Total-----68, max speed 28. Today, via the B.C. Ferry’s, brought us into the “Gulf Islands” Which is really all part of the same Island chain that makes up the San Juan Islands only were in Canada, where the only language barrior is Liters, Celsius and Kilometers. We landed in Fuford Harbor witch was very Bohemic. Thus part of the grooviness factor. But the ride to the CampGround was, well brutal. Fortunately we picked up a six pack of beer for this asssault on a very hilly Island. All I can say is it’s a good thing we have mountain bike gears that are geared for Colorado Mountains. At one point we were going 2.8 miles per hour!!!

salt spring winery [for flynn]
The Scenery however is Stunning. Beautiful small farms, Luscious forests, Sweeping views of the islands and inland lakes. We really dug this place. Our campsite was a “walk in”. meaning you literally walk into the Camp and you camped right on a rocky bluff right up to the waters edge…. Did I already use the word Stunning. O.K. O.K. I know its early in the trip and hopefully I don’t run out of superlatives!! Did I use that word right??? We did phone shots with Kevin, thanks to the Margesons.


Ruckle Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island to Chemanius. T&GBAG - 3, T&GBAD-4. Milage--24, total 92, Max speed--38.

The weather so far has been perfect. Making us wonder why we brought all the x-tra gear. Blue sky’s, no wind.

salt spring bakery stand [honor system] there were lots of these....COOL.
Today ride involved more climbing into busier roads with less shoulder. But I will say, so far, B.C. drivers are very polite. A refreshing change from Colorado where the sport is--how close to the rider can you get your mirror before actually hitting them. I think we are done with the hills for a while. We’ll see. Now we ride north to ??? Where ever we decide is where.


Victoria to McDonald camp ground just north of Sydney B.C. T&GBAG [Terri and Gregs Big Adventure Groviness factor 1-5] is a 3 T&GBAD [Dificulty factor 1-5] is a 1 Not so difficult. Milage today 23.5 total 56 miles??

Although we were a bit creeped out by the Turtle Inn in Victoria we ended up having a good night sleep even though we shared a twin bed. The place was clean and would suffice for the price. The best part is that it was located across the street from a bakery / cafĂ© called Wildfire Organic Bakery. It was family owned and operated in the artisan tradition. Supporting local farms and the breads, pastries and other goodies all baked in large wood fired brick ovens. …..What a treat.
ferry ride

turtle hostel victoria
wood fired bread oven
Our ride out of Victoria was a treat. All bike paths for 20 miles to McDonald campground. The trail rolled mostly flat through nice neighbor hoods , small farms with occasional glimpses of the Straight of Georgia. This is was our first night to camp and not with out a slight and near disastrous outcome. Those damn MSR wisperlight stoves. Before leaving a ran the stove which is 20 years old for a test drive at home and it tested out fine. Well it seems as though the gasket dried out and cracked and after I pressurized the stove I didn’t notice the fuel leaking out of the bottle. When I lit the stove the picnic table, and fuel bottle cought fire. Trying to remain calm I commented to Terri :”We got a problem here” Fortunately none of the fuel had gone to the ground and so we avoided starting a forest fire. Whew! After 3 days of riding, all pristine our next ride is 64 miles and since we did not have a chance to train for this ride today is a rest day,. Some guitar, Violin, a casual ride back to Sydney [2 miles] and than a 5 mile trek to a better campground. Next ride is Salt Spring Island to Rathtrover Beach Provincial Park---64 miles our first big day with the land yacht. So far weve riden 40 miles on nice bicycle trails. But not tomorrow.!

July 26, 2010

Sequim to Victoria 7/26/10

Terri and victoria
Our Hosts. bill The Carver and Friends Steve and Nancy
Well we are now offically off, and our first leg was Sequim Wa. to Victoria B.C. via the Victoria Express ferry. Apparently there is now a bike path/rail to trail called the Olympic Discovery Trail that goes from Port Townsend through Port Angeles. We road a  20 mile section From Sequim to Port O'Angels . The trail was absoluetly beautiful. as was the weather. However for a fully laden tandem it was---well, difficult. lots of tight turn and steep grades. On a Terri and Greg big Adventure Difficulty scale of 1-5 I would rate it a 4 and a TGA All around grooviness Scale [TGAG] it gets a 5. We are staying in Vic. B.C. At he Turtle Hostel....Not our cup o' T. Oh well.     Victoria is Beautiful, lots of pretty old buildings, very european feel, we were looking for some yummy beer and were told to go to Big Bad Johns....well it was big and bad and not sure if John was there or not, but we settled for the Stickey Wicket!!the town and port was fun to ride around in and its definitly a party town. but we got no more gas so Kirk Out!  After carousing Victoria the total milage for
bike and discovery trail
 the day is ------32.  

A car, friends, a bike and a rack.

Finally were on the road. Not the bicycle road. The petrol road to Sequim on the northern most tip of the Olympic Peninsula. that’s where were going to put the bike together ,load it up, and head for Port Angeles, Wa. From there we will take a ferry to Victoria B.C. and then???. But now I am getting ahead of myself.

Our arrival to Sequim is being facilitated by the kind intentions of our friends Steve and Nancy in Salida. Steves parents live in Sequim so months ago when we began to realize this trip, we mentioned to Steve and Nancy our intentions and they responded with a resounding---- we would love to take you to Sequim…..SWEET! And Thanks.

About our gear and bike.

The bike is a titanium tandem with s&s couplers so that it can break down into suitcases for air travel. It takes 700c wheels and if needed would easily accept 29 / 3” tires if we ever needed to do some serious off roading. Fully built with racks , fenders and water cages the bike weighs 55 lbs. Our gear weighs approximately 80 lbs. not including the bob trailer which we are dragging along to carry a guitar, violin and rhythm instruments.

Here is a list of our gear and equipment

Tools; a tool to turn every nut and bolt on the bike including; chain, spoke.

Spare spokes

Spair chain pieces

Swalbe marathon plus at 42c tires [bomb proof]

Front and rear racks,

Front and rear fenders

4 water bottle cages

2 coffee cup holders on the handle bars---sweet!

Front paniers regular, med. Size. For kitchen and food

Rear paniers; xtra large ???????


Small fly----old pup tent

¾ “ lg. sleeping pads w/chairs

Sleeping bags

Appropriate clothing

Small net book

Bob trailer small travel fender guitar

Old Chinese violin built in 1880’s and handed down to me through my mother from my great uncle. [jazz man in K.C. back in the day]

Various rhythm instruments.

The Pacific coast ride is approx. 1800 miles. Averaging 50 miles a day a person could take 40 days . We have 3 months

budgeted so we plan to take a leisurely tour. So if you have any suggestion we would love to here them.


On our way to the N.West we spent the night in Yakima Wa. Fairly uneventful except for one thing. When we were leaving the next morning coffee was the order of the day, so that’s what we were looking for. What we found was a kiosk right down town called Dreamgirls Xpresso. Obviously we should have got a clue but us Coloradoans I suppose we must be a bit nieve. So Imagine driving up to this thing with my wife, Nancy, [our ride] and myself and being greeted by a girl dressed in nothing but lingerie. When she asked what it was we wanted all three of us just sat there jaws dropped and speechless. Several seconds must have passed by before Terri was first to spit out that we wanted a couple of latte’s. Wow. Starbucks must have really put the pressure on the small time coffee places.

So far the weather out here has been Blue bird. And the view of the big peaks is stunning. Though I have been to Seattle a couple of times I never saw Mount Baker or Rainier. Needless to say----Impressive.


All right!! We’re at our “beginning” Sequim Wa. Were stayin at the parents [Bill and Ella] of the folks that drove us out here. Fascinating family. Stories of the great depression, dust bowl, and one of the family was ”Bull Durham” of early 1900’s baseball fame. Bill is in his 80’s , is a wood carver, and as he puts it ‘if your gonna retire you got to have something to do. I’ve had friends who retired with nothing to do but sit around and watch T.V. and they're dead with in two years” Hear that…..! Today we test drove the Tandem and worked out the travel kinks on a 21 mile lap around the coast  of Sequim. Beautiful riding with quiet neighborhoods, laverndar fields, lots of apple trees, a few vineyards and country roads that wind and wend their way through. Tomorrow---- a light day to Port Angeles and then a Ferry to Victoria B.C…. see you then.

July 20, 2010

still tryin to work things out

Well we bought an acer notebook with windows 7 starter so we could maintain contact and the blog. Unfortunatly the thing seems pretty shaky. Startin to wish i'd have gotten the apple. Ya get what ya pay for i reckon. Any way just checkin to see if it [this notebook] can do what i bought it for.??? ok so the photo upload worked so here is a photo of terri and i riding around the leadville loop in leadville co. a very cool 12 mile  ride.

July 14, 2010

Vancouver-San Diego on a Tandem Gettin Started

So---This is why I started this Blog. Several years ago, or should I say five homes ago; with the profit from selling our first spec. Strawbale home; I took the profits and did two things. I paid off the Four Runner and I bought a custom, titanium, BLACKSHEEP tandem bicycle. A divorce bike some call em. A Mariage maker I say. To each his own. The intent of owning this bike was to Tour. Since owning it' we have done a few small tours: Two Ride the Rockies, the Katy Trail, a self support Colorado tour---Salida to Salida via Aspen - Crested Butte and Gunnison. But, what we really want to do is tour BIG. You know. Cover some ground, get down with it.
Were self - employed. What that means is; you make hay while the sun is a shine-en. For us the sun just kept on a shine-ing and as the saying goes "don't look a gift horse in the mouth". Well---like everybody else the sun ain't shine-en to brightly, and the gift horse closed his mouth, but, another one opened and I'm about to get a sun burn. Sooo--Rather than sit around and worry about work, me and the miss-es are headin out the door. Gotta take you retirements as they come.
The hardest part is just gettin out the door. Literally. We plan to leave July 22nd and be on the road for at least 3 months, and to do that and keep the rest of your life goin....well lets just say I probably got 3 months just in preparing for the ride. But now were close. I can feel it. Butterflies, oh shit, lets get the f---- out of Dodge!!
So the plan is to get a ride from some friends who's parents live in the northern-most part of the Olympic Peninsula. From there either a sail-boat or ferry ride to Victoria B.C. and ride Clock ways up and over to vancouver and from there on out ??? For a guide we are using the {Bicycling the Pacific Coast by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall. Otherwise with the time we have allotted to the tour, well------?.
This photo is the trial run with using the rain fly. It's an old pup tent. The photo is on our land.

Not sure what the hell i am doin

Like I said. I am not sure what the hell it is I am doin. So I am trying to see how this comes up.

First post.

Hello and welcome. Got lots to say   no time to say it. Right now it's all about our bike tour. In the mean time we'll see what i can jot down.